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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) manages New York’s electricity transmission grid – a 10,775-mile network of high-voltage lines that carry electricity throughout the state. The NYISO also oversees wholesale electricity markets where more than $50 billion has been transacted since 1999.

The NYISO Interconnection Queue (the spreadsheet) lists projects that are active in the NYISO interconnection process, or were active in the process but recently went into service (projects that have gone in-service eventually are removed from this list). Additionally, projects that are withdrawn from the Queue are also listed . The NYISO Queue Spreadsheet indicates that the Horse creek wind project was recently withdrawn from the Queue  7/31/2017

Link here to the NYISO Website   Once you are on the NYISO website  click the link that reads "View The Interconnection Queue".  Clicking this link will open the Excell Spreadsheet showing all of the Active projects in the Queue.  Down at the bottom of the page on the left you will see two tabs, one marked Active and one marked Withdrawn.  Click on the Withdrawn tab.   All of the projects that have been withdrawn from the Queue will appear. Scroll down to #375 and you will see that Horse creek was withdrawn  July 31,2017

Below is a copy of the Queue that was downloaded to my Scribd account.

NYISO Interconnection Queue by pandorasboxofrocks on Scribd


Friday, August 11, 2017

Audubon New York does not support the construction of Horse Creek Wind Energy Project as currently proposed.

Link here to Audubon press release and original letter

Qatar, accused of terrorism, first shareholder of Iberdrola

The following article was posted on 


A Spanish media group's website
June 6, 2017

Qatar Investment Authority(QIA), a sovereign fund of Qatar, a country accused of supporting and financing terrorists of the Islamic State, among others, is the main shareholder of Iberdrola, the Spanish power company headed by Ignacio Sánchez Galán. As recorded on Iberdrola's own website, Qatar Investment Authority owns 8.509% of Iberdrola. This sovereign fund of Qatar is the main shareholder of the Spanish power company presided over by Ignacio Sánchez Galán.

Qatar Investment Authority is a sovereign wealth fund of the small but rich country thanks to the Persian Gulf oil. Its neighbors Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Baréin have severed their diplomatic relations with Qatar and have decided to isolate the small emirate from the Persian Gulf because they accuse it of supporting terrorism, specifically "terrorist organizations" among which The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic State (EI) and Al Qaeda.

It is curious that the information provided by Iberdrola on its website does not coincide with the Register of Significant Participations of the National Securities Market Commission. According to the stock exchange supervisor, the latest change in the Qatar Investment Authority in the capital of Iberdrola corresponds to 2011, the year in which this sovereign fund entered the capital of the power company with the purchase of 6.162% of the capital. There are no more communications since.

However, in Iberdrola's own website, that share amounts to 8.509% of the capital, making the Catamarans the main shareholder of Iberdrola. As if to rely on the records of the regulator and supervillar of the Spanish stock markets.

Link here to Iberdrola website to view Significant Investors

Part of the receipt of the light, for Qatar
In the end, if the accusations of terrorism by its neighbors are confirmed, Iberdrola's clients would be unknowingly financing Islamic international terrorism. Iberdrola has committed to its shareholders to allocate between 65% and 75% of their dividends. The Iberdrola profit is nourished by the money it charges its customers for the electric bill. Last year Iberdrola earned 2,422 million. If it allocates 65% of the profit to dividend would be 1,574.3 million to distribute. Qatar Investment Authority is going to carry 127 million for this concept. Those 127 million go directly to the state Catharí, which is the sole shareholder of this sovereign fund and is accused of financing and supporting Islamic terrorism that so much death and terror sows around the world.
And coincidences of the electric ones. Qatar Investment Authority is also the benchmark shareholder of Peninsular Capital, a venture capital fund founded by Borja Prado Eulate, President of Endesa .

Link here to read this article  as published on Intereconomics.com  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Installing turbines near Air Reserve Station puts region at risk

Erie County Legislator
Published in the Clarence Bee 
08/02/2017 Clarence Bee 

The Erie County Legislature held our final session before recess on July 27 and dealt with an issue that is important to our entire region.
My colleagues unanimously approved a resolution that I sponsored in support of the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station. We are asking New York State to request a formal review by the Department of Defense related to a proposal by APEX Clean Energy to construct 70 wind turbines along the shores of Lake Ontario that would potentially reach 600 feet high. The proposal is concerning due to its proximity to the air base, and as such, the Niagara Military Affairs Council has expressed its opposition.
The air base is an important asset to the greater WNY community, providing 3,000 jobs in addition to critical services. The base was first established more than 60 years ago and is currently home to the Air Force Reserve Command’s 914th Airlift Wing and the 328th Air Force Reserve C-130 mission, as well as the Air National Guard’s new Remotely Piloted Aircraft mission.
The issue with the proposed turbines is that they pose a threat of interference with military radar and flight operations. Furthermore, if the turbines are erected as planned, there is a very real concern that the air base itself could be at risk of closure as a result. The base has already been subjected to multiple base closure and realignment commission reviews. My concern is that if the turbines are placed in the base’s flight path, they could be seen as impediments to future operations and could tilt the scales toward closure in the next round of reviews. Encroachment is a key factor that is considered when the federal government is reviewing military bases for potential shutdown, and 70 individual, 600-foot tall wind turbines, located on the edge of
Lake Ontario near the base, could be considered major objects of encroachment.
New York State’s rules and regulations require an application to operate an electrical generation facility, and as a part of that application, detailed information regarding potential impacts on airports and military installations and operations must be provided. The state review board, prior to approval of an application, may request a formal review be conducted by the Department of Defense.
At this point, the Erie County Legislature and the Niagara County Legislature have requested that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state review board request the Department of Defense to conduct a formal review of the Apex application. My sincere hope is that the state acts to request this review quickly. We cannot put the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station at risk.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact my office at 858-8676 or email edward.rath@erie.gov.

Erie County Legislator
District Office:
Old Erie County Hall
92 Franklin Street
Fourth Floor
Buffalo, N.Y. 14202
Phone: (716) 858-8676
Fax: (716) 858-8895
Email: edward.rath@erie.gov

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Apex Galloo Project in the Path of Ft. Drum Aviation Training Route

Apex Clean Energy’s proposed Galloo Island Wind Farm is directly in the path of a Ft. Drum military aviation training corridor. Currently the project is under FAA review for an obstruction hazard and potential conflicts with aviation operations. In a July 28, 2017 public notice the FAA made a preliminary determination that the project would “have no effect on any airspace and routes used by the military.” However, no mention was made to a 10-mile wide Ft. Drum military aviation training route that encompasses all of Galloo Island.
Wikepedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_training_route) provided the following information on Military Training Routes:

“Military training routes (MTRs) are aerial corridors (such as IR801 for Jefferson County) across the United States in which military aircraft can operate below 10,000 feet faster than the maximum safe speed of 250 knots that all other aircraft are restricted to while operating below 10,000 feet. The routes are the result of a joint venture between the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Defense to provide for high-speed, low-altitude military activities. Military Training Routes are divided into Instrument Routes (IR), and Visual Routes (VR). Each route is identified by either of these two letters, followed by either four digits for routes below 1,500 feet above ground level, or three digits for routes extending for at least one leg above 1,500 ft AGL. (Note - over Galloo aircraft could be just above the 600 foot  turbine height). The difference between the IR and VR routes is that IR routes are flown under Air Traffic Control, while VR routes are not.”

IR801 Military Route.jpg
IR801 is a circular military training route with a 10-mile wide corridor that encompasses all of Galloo, Little Galloo and Stony Islands.

“Each route is defined by a number of geographical coordinates and their respective navaid fixes. From this line the corridor is extended a specific number of miles, in the vast majority of cases this is five miles, making the corridor 10 miles wide. The Routes are individually operated through one of the local military air bases (Ft. Drum), which schedule and 'own' the route.”

The FAA notice leaves a number of unanswered questions. Why no mention of IR801, the Ft. Drum military training route? The training route is designed for low altitude, higher speed flight, the type of operation with obvious potential hazards and conflicts.  Why has there been no acknowledgement of the potential conflict between Apex’s  turbines and Ft. Drum training flights? If there has been some negotiation, mitigation or change to IR801, then why no acknowledgement or documentation? The FAA’s website has a provision for requesting all documentation associated with each case, but the only documentation currently available is the public notice itself.

Link here to the   FAA website



July 28, 2017 the FAA released a public notice announcing that they are conducting an aeronautical study concerning the Galloo Island industrial wind project. Some of the proposed turbines in Apex Clean Energies project exceed obstruction standards, and the FAA will be determining their effect on the safe and efficient use of navigable airspace by aircraft and on the operation of air navigation facilities.

FAA Galloo by pandorasboxofrocks on Scribd

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

River Residents Against Turbines to Host informational meeting on Horse Creek Industrial Scale Wind project

Wednesday, July 26th! RIVER RESIDENTS AGAINST TURBINES (RIVER RATs) will be hosting an informational meeting concerning Avangrid renewables proposed Horse Creek Industrial Scale Wind Development. The session is being held at the Tabernacle in Thousand Island Park at 7:00 pm.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Apex clean Energy

Fish and wildlife officials want updated information for Galloo Island wind project review

FRIDAY, JULY 21, 2017

Officials from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service argue that Apex Clean Energy must secure more updated information to assess the Galloo Island wind project’s potential wildlife impacts. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Friday, July 21, 2017

Residents and business form River RATs to oppose horse creek wind farm

JULY 15, 2017

A coalition of residents and business owners from the Thousand Islands region have banded together oppose Avangrid Renewables’ proposed Horse Creek Wind Farm. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Wednesday, July 26th! River RATs will be hosting an informational meeting concerning Horse Creek Industrial Wind Development. The session is being held at the Tabernacle in Thousand Island Park at 7:00 pm.  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cocktail’s with Cuomo

When Governor Cuomo gave his 2017 Regional State of the State address in January he announced the approval of the largest offshore wind farm in the nation. He assured the residents of Eastern Long Island that turbines would not be visible from the beach,they will be 30 miles southeast of Montauk. “Not even Superman standing on Montauk Point could see these wind farms,” he announced.  

Our politically ambitious governor has recently been indulging in big-money fundraising orgies. This Saturday he will be in the Hamptons for his second fundraiser in a week, hosted by another one of his hedge fund managing friends. This most recent event is called “Sunset Cocktails” and costs $50,000 per person to sit at his table..
Cuomo assured his monied supporters in the Hamptons that their views will not be marred by wind turbines, but what about the rest of us who can’t afford $50,000 for cocktails with Cuomo? For the rest of us we have to fight to keep turbines at bay. Cuomo’s renewable energy policies shouldn’t be for sale to the highest bidders, particularly when it is impossible for us in upstate to compete with Cuomo’s monied elite from downstate.

On the other hand, how about a candidate for governor in 2018 who believes public policy shouldn’t be for sale - that would be refreshing.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

JCIDA prepares for potential PILOT application review for wind developer

By Marcus Wolfe
Watertown Daily Times
July 9,2017

WATERTOWN — County economic development officials are preparing for a potential review of Apex Clean Energy’s payment-in-lieu-of-taxes application by the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Two proposed wind farms threatening to pull out of NC if moratorium becomes law

Turbine trouble

Wednesday July 05, 2017

If you haven’t noticed, there are now seven commercial wind proposals in the north country, stretching from The Mad River project in northern Oswego/southern Jefferson counties to the North Ridge proposal in St. Lawrence County. At least three of them are west of Fort Drum. Three of them are very close to Fort Drum to the south and southwest. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Thursday, June 29, 2017

John Byrne: Albany’s wind power scheme blows the neighborhood down



NEW YORK — Albany isn’t letting anything stand in the way of its overly aggressive renewable energy plan, and upstate families are paying for it. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Sunday, June 25, 2017

‘Don’t you SASS me’: Officials in region ignore vital protection against wind projects


SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2017

Shortsighted community leaders in the Thousand Islands region have let the opportunity to obtain a valuable tool against unwanted wind projects slip through their fingers. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Former biologist wants wind developer to conduct new avian studies

June 13,2017

Avian advocate Clifford P. Schneider argues that Apex Clean Energy’s Galloo Island wind project should not move forward in the state Article 10 law review process because it lacks the sufficient environmental studies needed to assess the project’s potential impacts. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Apex Clean Energy Cries ‘Uncle’ in Tennessee, but not in New York

The following was contributed by a reader
Apex Clean Energy, the wind developer behind Lighthouse and Galloo wind projects currently under New York’s Article 10 review, decided to pull the plug on their Crab Orchard Wind project proposal in Cumberland County, Tennessee.
Apex’s excuse was, “There are several important inflection points at which we determine whether the fundamental attributes of the project support a continuing investment in that project,” Apex noted. “We have come to such an inflection point on the Crab Orchard Wind project.”
Inflexion points seem to suggest market timing, financing, tax credits, subsidies, equipment costs and other developmental issues, but certainly not opposition and political pressure.
A reasonable person might wonder, if any of these factors affected Apex’s decision to abandon Crab Orchard, then they might be abandoning other projects, since these inflexion points would affect Apex’s projects no matter where they are located, since all projects are driven by the same fundamentals.
But alas, Apex has not suggested they are leaving any other projects, just Crab Orchard in Tennessee.
So, what’s special about Crab Orchard?
In a search for those inflexion points that might be responsible for Apex’s decision to leave Tennessee there is one that popped up and screamed – THAT’S IT!!
Please, please click on the You Tube video below and see the real reason why Apex called it quits – it’s because of the logic, eloquence and fortitude of Tennessee’s U.S. Senator, Lamar Alexander.
What Alexander argues before the Senate are the very same issues that influence Galloo, Lighthouse and any other wind project proposed for New York.
Alexander’s best line was ‘Choosing wind turbine electric generation when you have nuclear capability is like going to war in sailboats when you have a nuclear navy’.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


10:20 AM
 May 31, 2017, Iberdrola/Avan Grid renewables filed a notice of construction with the Federal Aviation Administration asking for an OE/AAA (Obstruction Evaluation /Airport /Airport Airspace Analysis).

 The link below will take you to a database that includes case numbers, Latitude and longitude, structure height for each turbine for the proposed turbine buildout for the Horse Creek project. There are 45 turbines each turbine is 493 feet tall .

 The links I posted earlier timed out.  Below is a copy of the data in SCRIBD.
The blue links next to each turbine provide additional info for each turbine
Horse Creek FAA Turbine Data Base by pandorasboxofrocks on Scribd

The northernmost turbine in the Horse Creek industrial wind complex, will be located just 3,500, feet from Lafargeville Central School and 6.3 miles from the St.Lawrence river


 Below is a map that provides an overview of determined and proposed wind turbine/met tower projects in Jefferson/Lewis County. To view the map on the FAA website go to this link https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/gisTools/gisAction.jsp?action=showWtBuildOutToolForm

The turbine data can also be accessed directly via the FAA website Go to this link   https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=showSearchProposedCasesForm

A search  box for proposed cases will appear ,select NY for the state box  . Then hit search .
Once you hit search a page will appear with lists of many NY projects,  at the bottom are numbers of multiple pages.  Pages 24, 25 & 26 will take you to the Horse Creek Turbines.
 FYI~   Albion (Lighthouse wind) can be found at the same link ~ pages 21, 22, 23 & 24

Watertown (Galloo)  can be found at this link  (Interim Projects)  https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=showSearchInterimCasesForm
Pages 1,2&3

Friday, May 26, 2017

State bill to block turbines near military bases like Fort Drum moves forward

MAY 26, 2017

bill blocking wind turbines around military bases is pushing forward through the state Senate . Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chateaugay to review Jericho Rise host community agreement in dispute over outside noise testing of wind towers

MAY 23, 2017  

CHATEAUGAY — Wind towers in Chateaugay have again become the subject of noise complaints from residents, but efforts on the part of town officials to conduct independent testing have encountered obstacles. Continue reading via this link to the Malone Telegram

Agreements regarding Galloo Island Wind project application open for comment

MAY 23, 2017  

Proposed agreements between Apex Clean Energy and state agencies regarding what the developer will include in its Galloo Island Wind project application are available for public comment. Conrinue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Galloo Island Wind developer must provide more details for PILOT application

WEDSDAY, MAY 17, 2017

WATERTOWN — The developer for the Galloo Island Wind project needs to clarify sections of its payment-in-lieu-of-taxes application before the committee charged with conducting the first step of the review process can deem it complete. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Saturday, May 6, 2017

No economic benefit in sight

Outside Looking In
Just days after the Times published a story on commercial wind finances, Apex Clean Energy appeared before the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency board to present its case for a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement. Continue reading via this link to he Watertown Daily Times

Thursday, May 4, 2017

JCIDA committee to discuss Apex Clean Energy’s PILOT application later this month

WATERTOWN — Donald C. Alexander decided that the payment-in-lieu-of tax agreement application from the developer of the Galloo Island Wind project was suitable and the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency’s loan review committee will discuss it May 19. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wind power companies get by with a little help from their friends

 APRIL 30,2017

To the casual observer traveling along Route 177 in Lewis County, the long, slow glide of sleek windmill blades represents renewable energy.

For the foreign owners of these towers,however, each sweep represents money. Continue reading via this link to The Watertown Daily Times

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Michael Ringer Asks DOS if SASS Provides any protection against Wind En...

During the final grant information session on April 13, 2015 at the Cape Vincent Recreation Center, Michael Ringer asked the Department of State representative if SASS would provide any protection against Wind energy.

Steve Ridler from the Department of State said yes, wind turbines will be something SASS will be looking at. It will be a factor in the decisions that are made when it comes to wind turbines.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Retired biologist argues Jefferson County not suitable for wind turbines

Watertown Daily Times

State agency guidelines and reports used to help review the Clean Energy Standard advise against wind energy development in Jefferson County, argues a retired biologist tasked with reviewing Apex Clean Energy’s Galloo Island Wind project. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Land trust opposes wind development in the Thousand Islands


Potential habitat fragmentation and wildlife displacement or reduction have prompted the Thousand Islands Land Trust to announce its opposition toward Avangrid Renewables’s Horse Creek Wind Farm and any other projects proposed in the St. Lawrence River Valley. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Friday, April 14, 2017

Governor establishes wind turbine setback



 Maple Ridge Wind farm

It is with professional appreciation that we extend this note of thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo for taking a courageous stand establishing a statewide, 30-mile setback standard for industrial wind turbine emplacements. Clearly, he understands the adverse impacts of poorly sited industrial wind turbines on human health, the environment, property values, the economy and quality of life. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Friday, March 31, 2017

Cuomo’s SolarCity disaster could become a monument to corruption

By E.J. McMahon
New York Post
September 22, 2016

Earlier this month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo paid a visit to the centerpiece of his upstate economic development strategy: a massive, still-unfinished “gigafactory” taxpayers spent $750 million to build and equip for SolarCity, a money-losing company with a foggy future. Continue reading via this link to the NYPost

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fort Drum land use study outlined at public hearing

By Gordon Block
Watertown Daily Times

EVANS MILLS — Local residents had a chance to give their opinions on a new land use study, one button-push at a time, as researchers consider future growth on and off-post. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wind Turbines led to last September’s statewide blackout in South Australia.

By Michael Owen
The Australian
A key report highlights the problems with South Australia’s high level of renewable generation, finding that control settings on wind farm turbines led to last September’s statewide blackout in South Australia. Continue reading via this link to The Austrlian